Solar Energy Solutions

California is an exceptional state to invest in solar energy. Many hours of sunshine combined with available rebate programs (depends on the area) have made solar photovolatic installations very popular. Some areas feature “net energy metering” which allows for each kilowatt-hour a solar panel produces to roll back the public utility energy meter on your home! This means that you could potentially do away with all electric bills!

Astro Air Design is proud to be a solar energy company in Lincoln, CA. We get excited about helping customers make the move to more energy efficient homes and comfort systems! It saves money and helps pave the way to a better future for our kids!

Solar Energy Done Right

As with all of the products and services we offer, our solar energy installations are done according to industry best standards and guidelines. We protect your investment by sizing, designing and installing it the right way. Astro Air Design has grown as a company by word-of-mouth reviews from happy customers. We’re not a company interested in making a fast buck of an installation. Instead, we’re here to serve our customers for many years to come!

Types of Solar

Two primary types of installations exist for homeowners: Grid inter-tied and off grid installations. Grid inter-tied systems are connected to the public utility for the purpose of selling power back to the power company and/or having utility power as a backup power source. We offer both ground and roof mounted solar photovoltaic panel installations. Call us today at (916) 645-0882 or visit our schedule a free estimate form to have us visit your home, and review options that meet your comfort goals!

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