Indoor Air Quality

Homes are constructed to be energy efficient for the same reason that you don’t have all of the windows open when the air conditioning is running. That means your family might be breathing indoor air that’s less healthy than what’s outside. In fact, indoor pollutants can be five times higher than outdoor pollutants.

Cleaner Air… So Your Family Can Breathe Easy

We offer a suite of air quality products that integrate into your heating and air conditioning system to purify, protect and refresh the air you breath. It’s like opening the windows of your home without the energy hit.

It is important to understand that indoor air quality products are not mutually exclusive. They work together with specific functions to maintain a healthier home.

Understanding Poor Indoor Air Quality

Many factors can affect your home’s air quality. Astro Air Design offers solutions to remove or lessen their impact.
First, you must understand what causes poor indoor quality.

Elements that will pollute the air you breathe include:
indoor air quality
air cleaner american standard

Whole-Home Air Cleaner

American Standard whole-home air cleaners remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne allergens from your filtered indoor air.

humidifier american standard


Automatically delivers the right amount of humidity as needed. Delivers up to 50 percent more moisture than comparable humidifiers.

ventilator american standard

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Brings fresh, cooled air into your home in summer, warm humidified air in winter. Engineered for low maintenance & longer life.

uv-lamp honeywell

UV Lamp

Honeywell UV air purifiers work within the ductwork to reduce airborne particles while UV light addresses surface contaminants such as mold.

Astro Air Design understands heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. We don’t just treat your symptoms—we perform an evaluation of the air quality in your home. Depending on what we find, we may recommend certain solutions to create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.