Air Conditioning in Roseville, CA

When you need fast & quality air conditioning service in Roseville, CA call Astro Air Design. We provide sales, installation, service and maintenance for heat pumps and air conditioning units for both residential and commercial. We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and competitive solution for all our customers’ air conditioning requirements. We service all makes and models of air conditioning equipment in Roseville, CA and surrounding areas.


I went with Astro Air to install central heating and air in my house where we previously had no duct work. They were amazing!

They had someone come to our house initially to check out our space and give us a quote. And after doing some calling around I thought it was a very reasonable price for all the service and equipment they were offering. After we signed the agreement we were able to choose an 18 month interest free finance plan and scheduled the install the following week. The office ladies were very nice and responsive to all my calls and emails.

They spent 3.5 days at my house. All of the workers were extremely professional, thoughtful, and courteous as they came in and out of the house all day long. My 8 month old, dog, and I hung out in our living room while they worked. There were a couple of things they did that stood out to me as exceptional. When they were cutting out a hole for a duct that was near where my son and I were hanging out they had a guy hold a sheet up to make sure no dust particles came near us instead of asking us to move. They also were courteous about the amount of noise they made because there was a baby in the house even though I had no issue with noise I knew they were there to work and me and the baby would endure it lol. They also were sure to update me on any roadblocks they had and made sure that I was happy with their plan of attack. At the end of each day everything was cleaned up and vacuumed perfectly. My ugly old wall heaters were also removed, discarded, and the wall was patched up where they had been.

I couldn’t be happier with how all of this went. It was a big investment and I was SO happy to come home tonight to a quietly temperature controlled house of 68 degrees! Now I can’t wait for summer to quietly blast my AC instead of an obnoxiously loud and stinky swamp cooler!

I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

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