Heating in Lincoln, CA

When the California sun backs off and our nights drop down to the 40’s, a reliable heating system is a must for a cozy home! Astro Air Design has been serving the Lincoln area since 1994. We’re known for our attention to detail and outstanding customer satisfaction. Whether you call us out for a tune-up, repair or equipment replacement, we do the job with a commitment to providing the finest service for our customers.

Heating Service in Lincoln, CA – Work Done The Right Way

Many homeowners have poor experiences with HVAC professionals…just like many people have a bad experience with a mechanic who “ripped them off.” When you call Astro Air Design, you can rest assured that the services we provide will be of the highest quality. Our company is permeated with integrity, and it shows on every job we do.

If you call us out for a heating repair in Lincoln, CA, we’re not going to suggest you buy new equipment when you don’t need to. Likewise, if a furnace or heat pump just isn’t going to make it another season, we’re not going to advise dumping money into fixing it, even though that would bring us a profit. We keep your interests as our priority, and we give the kind of honest advice we’d want to hear if it were our home!

Furnace Installation

We might sound like an old school teacher harping on the same thing all of the time, but we can’t help it…the design, sizing and installation of your HVAC system is paramount to realizing proper performance, efficiency and reliability. Just like the parts that make up a car, if things are not matched and installed correctly, the end result can be very problematic. Astro Air Design performs installations the right way.

In Home Estimate

Heating Lincoln CA: part of offering the finest solutions for our customers is providing free, in-home estimates for new equipment. Many HVAC companies will just respond to a bid request, but we know that going to a potential customer’s home is the best way to make accurate recommendations. Our goal is to provide the best. That means an efficient, reliable and affordable system tailored to your home.

Solar Energy Lincoln CA

We can help you tap into the largest energy resource in our universe…the sun. Solar energy systems are an ideal way to provide pollution free energy for your home. With our clear climate, many kW of energy can be generated which will not only help protect the environment, but save you substantially on utility bills. Contact us today for more information on solar energy solutions from Astro Air Design!

Radiant Heating

If you want luxurious heating for your home that is quiet and more comfortable while offering more control, radiant heating is for you! It works by installing piping in the flooring of your home. In cold weather, a boiler or tankless system sends hot water into the piping which causes a quiet, layer of heat to rise from the floor to the ceiling. Now small family members (and feet) are as comfortable as large family members!

Technical Expertise

Heating and air conditioning systems are made up of state-of-the-art equipment that must be designed and installed the right way in order to operate reliably and efficiently. Too many homeowners suffer at the hand of an inexperienced contractor. Trust your indoor comfort needs to no one else but Astro Air Design! We have the experience and technical knowledge to provide industry leading solutions.

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