Air Conditioning Repair in Sacramento, CA

Have you been there before? It’s a warm August day and you’re relaxed at home with family and friends. Suddenly, someone says, “is anyone else warm?” You make your way over to the thermostat, but the digital display shows the temperature is set correctly. A quick check at one of the vents reveals warm air! You need air conditioning repair. Call Astro Air Design.

It’s times like the above that you need the fast response, and expertise of Astro Air Design. We’re a Sacramento air conditioning repair contractor who has the knowledge and experience to work on any make and model of equipment. Our knowledge means we save you money because we fix the real problem, and don’t troubleshoot on your dime.

Air Conditioning Repair – The Astro Air Design Difference

One thing our customers love about us is the family-owned “feel” of the service that they receive. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable, and really care about your indoor comfort! We take pride in more personal attention, and we put our heart into every job we do. Our customers are not a number, they’re part of the Astro Air Design family, and we treat you that way!

We know air conditioning repair isn’t pleasant – fixing anything from your iPad to your vehicle often means money and time down the drain. Let us protect your resources with fast, accurate Sacramento air conditioning repair! Call us today at (916) 645-0882.

Seasonal Maintenance

If you went off all exercising and healthy eating, would you die the next day? No, most likely you’d continue living like normal. But…over time your body will show signs such as fatigue, illness and other complications. Your indoor comfort system is very similar. If you skip maintenance, it will still run. But eventually, efficiency will begin to suffer, and you will end up with a pricey repair bill. Let us protect your investment! We service any brand.

New AC Installation

Nothing is more important regarding your heating and cooling system than the initial design and installation. From equipment sizing to ductwork installation, there are many, many details that need to be handled correctly. What happens if an installation is done wrong? Performance, reliability and efficiency are drastically affected. Astro Air Design does an AC installation according to industry best standards, and our solutions are built on the foundation of top-quality equipment.

Quality Equipment

In addition to Sacramento air conditioning repair, we also provide maintenance, replacement and new installations. When our customers are considering a new replacement system, or an HVAC system for new construction, we take the time to analyze your home and listen to your comfort and budgetary goals. We then recommend and install top-quality equipment built on the foundation of equipment from trusted manufacturers.

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