Air Conditioning in Sacramento, CA

By the time the Pacific breeze reaches Sacramento on a July summer day, it has warmed up quite a bit! A reliable air conditioning system is a must for staying comfortable, and Astro Air Design is here to make sure that happens by providing maintenance, repair, and design and installation services!

A residential cooling system is made up of state-of-the-art equipment designed to move heat energy out of your home, which keeps your indoor temperature comfortable. As with many things, there are a plethora of options available for indoor comfort control. Air conditioners, heat pumps, indoor coils, thermostats, ducting and indoor air quality equipment all work together to keep you comfortable.

Homeowners who trust a moonlighting handyman for their Sacramento air conditioning solutions can end up paying thousands of dollars to fix work not done correctly. If you take anything away today, know that the sizing, design and installation of your heating and cooling system is crucial to achieving the efficient, reliable performance you’d expect for your hard earned money.

Astro Air Design has the experience and expertise required to do industry best work. When you trust us for your Sacramento air conditioning service, you’re making a wise investment! Call us today at (916) 645-0882 and find out what real service is really about.

Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is responsible for one primary job: to compress refrigerant. Compressing a gas called refrigerant condenses the gas to a liquid and expels heat energy into the outside air. This chilled fluid is then pumped inside to the indoor coil. Warm air from the home is forced through the cool, which cools it. We install air conditioner with two-stage motors and R-410A refrigerant for environment friendly, high efficiency cooling.

Air Conditioning Repair

The unfortunate day can come when older equipment begins to break down under a heavy load. This of course can mean during the middle of a ninety degree summer day. Astro Air Design has the in-depth experience to repair any make and model of equipment. No matter what brand you have, we’re the Sacramento air conditioning contractor to call.

Air Handlers

As mentioned under the air conditioner description, the chilled refrigerant from an air conditioner is sent to the indoor coil. If you are not using a gas furnace for heating, then your indoor coil is typically an air handler (or fan coil). Without the indoor coil, your air conditioner would be useless. We sell air handlers with ultra-quiet, variable speed fan motors for increased comfort and overall cooling efficiency. Air handlers are also used during the heating season if you heat with a heat pump.

Electronic Air Cleaner

Modern construction is pretty good at locking in heating and cooling efficiency with tight seals. However, this locks in something else as well: air borne pollutants. VOCs from paints and cleaners, allergens, molds, pet dander and other irritants can become trapped inside your home. An electronic air cleaner helps by using a 3-stage process to filter out contaminants. Some can even trap and destroy the flu virus!

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