Air Conditioning in Lincoln, CA

When our July summer days hit in the 90’s, a reliable (and efficient) home air conditioning system is a must have for keeping your family comfortable! Astro Air Design provides exceptional air conditioner repair, maintenance and new installation/replacement services! We have extensive experience in the heating and air industry, and we bring a passion for quality indoor comfort to every single job we do.

Air Conditioning Lincoln, CA – The Astro Air Difference

Of course we’re not the only heating and air company in the Lincoln, CA area. But we’re the best ones to call if you want top-quality work and products! We’re family owned, which means you get a level of attention that is often lost in large companies. Plus we have the experience required to properly service and maintain any make and model of equipment. When the time comes time for replacement or a new installation, we perform work according to industry best standards.

Too many homeowners tell us stories of another contractor doing the job wrong. Trust us, you don’t want to be in that situation. Some homeowners spend even thousands of dollars fixing and installation not done correctly! When you rely on Astro Air Design you can sleep in peace, knowing that your indoor comfort system has been handled by the experts.

Don’t wait — grab that phone and dial (916) 645-0882. We’re dedicated to helping our customers stay comfortable for less, by providing efficient, reliable indoor comfort solutions!

The Right Foundation

The quality of design and installation is paramount to ensuring you have a reliable HVAC system, but indoor comfort solutions must also be built on quality equipment which is why we offer American Standard® HVAC equipment. We leave each customer job knowing that the equipment we’ve installed is top-quality product that we would trust for our own home and family. If you’re after reliable, innovative comfort, we’re the contractor to call!

Design & Installation

Ask any contractor worth their salt (is that expression even used anymore?) and they will tell you that the way your HVAC system is sized, design and installed will make all the difference in performance, efficiency and reliability. Put the best equipment in place, but skimp on the design and you could waste a lot of money. Astro Air Design understands the fine details of indoor comfort systems, and when we do an installation it’s done the right way…It’s just that simple!

Scheduled Maintenance

What would happen if you skipped changing the oil on your car for a year? Would it quit running? Maybe not. But you know what would happen? Fuel efficiency would begin to decrease, and you’d shave years of life off your engine. Don’t let the fact that your air conditioning system keeps working fool you into thinking maintenance isn’t a good idea. Our cost effective plans will keep your system tuned, efficient and will help side-step problems that can creep up on neglected systems.

Solar Energy

The sun is the largest energy source in the universe, but for some reason we live in a society that relies heavily on fossil fuels which are slowly destroying the environment, and draining the pocket book! Solar energy panels are an excellent way to tap into an unending, renewable energy source. California is one of the finest places to take advantage of solar energy with our constant sunshine! Call Astro Air Design and learn about how a solar solution can save you money!

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